In order to secure your e-mail service and make sure that you won’t have issues with e-mail spoofing, you need to set SPF, DKIM and DMARC records for your domain.

  • SPF – You can enable SPF in cPanel -> Email Authentication -> Enable in the SPF section
  • DKIM – In order to enable DKIM for your domain go to cPanel -> Email Authentication -> Enable in the DKIM section
  • DMARC – this is a TXT record that practically tells the receiver to send an email to a particular e-mail address, if he gets spam mails from a certain domain. The record is added from cPanel -> Advanced DNS Zone Editor, and should look like this:

where you need to change domain.TLD and to the proper ones according to your case.

You can also use custom SPF and DKIM values for your domains. You can add the records using the DNS Zone editor in cPanel.